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Cardhuntria is a wiki dedicated to cataloging Blue Manchu's Card Hunter universe covering the entire Card Hunter item and card repositories, strategy guides and monster bestiary.



About Cardhuntria

The wiki is a flexible, user-editable web-based database of information made up entirely of voluntary contributions, and uses MediaWiki software. All wiki contents are released under the Commons Attribution license. To be able to edit the articles, visitors must register with the website.

So why a Card Hunter wiki? As you are going through looking for information, if you see something that is incorrect, you can correct it. If you see any information that is missing, you can add it. This way, the information here should be as up to date as possible, instead of having to wait for a small group of people to update the information as the world changes. The more people that use Card Huntria, the more up-to-date the information will be!

  • Wiki is not a religion here, it is a way of editing.
  • We strive to be as "neutral" as possible. We do not decide what is "official" and what is not — that is Blue Manchu's job. We record known information and present data for the community.
  • We do not flag spoilers — if new information has come out it will be added to the wiki.
  • We aim to produce easily navigated, high quality articles.

History and background

Farbs avatar.png

A discussion on forum stylesheet sparked the birth of Cardhuntria. Cardhuntria was launched on 18 October 2012 by Roshirai, as a source of information pertaining to Card Hunter. Support from Blue Manchu came in the form of a heavily pixelated semi-faceless individual: Farbs (formerly of 2K Australia) and founder cum lead developer Jonathon Chey. The very first wiki contributors were Mightymushroom and Phaselock. Since the launch, the wiki has expanded massively to cover the entirety of the Card Hunter universe, including basic gameplay and party build guides.

Active contributors

  • Roshirai: Superuser and founder of Cardhuntria. Passed out after setting up the wiki on 18th October. Largely responsible for all backend installations, modifications and wiki's administration.
  • Mightymushroom: 1st generation contributor. Largely responsible for mechanics, gameplay guides, keyword pages and awesome articles.
  • Phaselock: 1st generation contributor and site admin. Resident code monkey, responsible for majority of templates, css, javascript, tooltips, jquery, html, semantics and content structures.
  • Jayce: 2nd generation contributor. Responsible for item botscript. Yep, all 1.9k+ and counting !
  • FalconGK81: 2nd generation contributor. Responsible for card botscript. Only contributor without beta access, booyah!
  • Pengw1n: 2nd generation contributor. Responsible for monster bestiary. RAWR!!
  • Maehan and Lusus121: 3rd generation contributors. Responsible for adventures and shops.

Many many other members of the community have also contributed to the contents of this wiki in some way or another. Thanks go out to Wozarg for party writeups and suggestions, continuous support from Zalminen, Lance, Sir Knight, Skip_intro, Surgeonfish, Peseto, Kalin etc. Cardhuntria currently runs on MediaWiki 1.19.11. See Special:Version for further details and a list of our installed extensions.

Cardhuntria communities


Card Hunter has an official forum here!


Card Hunter has an official Twitter!


You can find Card Hunter's page on Facebook.


  • Cardhuntria has:
    • 4,428 content pages.
    • 5,180 files.

You can check out the latest statistics here on Cardhuntria.

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