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Welcome to the Unofficial Card Hunter Wiki!
Card Hunter is brought to you by Blue Manchu Games!


Spotlight: Upcoming Expansion and Leagues !!! RAWR !


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News [edit]

27 Mar 2014 – Upcoming expansion, leagues announced !
With tons of new stuff ! Find out more here and here !!
18 Feb 2014 – Release build 1.61
Game reconnect is in ! New map rotation !
14 Jan 2014 – New build 1.55
New figures, new pvp maps !
19th Dec 2013 – Release Build 1.52
Holiday Specials ! New figures and special items !
9th Dec 2013 – Release Build 1.48
Renown system and new MP maps !

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Card Hunter Universe

Treasure Hunts
Attack of the Artifacts Expansion

DogGuard.png Animals & Insects
GolemTinS.png Constructs
DwarfWarriorM02B.png Dwarves
ElfWizardF02B.png Elves
BlackOoze.png Gelatinous Creatures

GnomeFurious.png Gnomes
GoblinGruntA.png Goblins
Chef.png Humans
FireImpS.png Imps, Sprites & Elementals
KoboldWarrior.png Kobolds
LizardmanWarrior.png Lizardmen

Hydra.png Monstrosities
OgreBruiser.png Ogres & Orcs
BeechTree.png Trees & Plants
TrogSpearman.png Troglodytes
Skeleton1.png Undead

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