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This page collects various card synergies and tips from players. Content is largely drawn from in-game forum with the tip provider acknowledged. Content accuracy is not guaranteed, use at your own discretion ! Feel free to edit, wiki admins will not maintain this page.

Provider Tip Description
Bandreus Talented Healer + Draining cards (Draining Touch, Spear Of Darkness, etc.) Draining cards gain cantrip while Talented Healer is in play, meaning you can land multiple draining attacks without having to pass the turn. You priest will also heal 2 additional hp per Draining card played. Talented Healer procs even if the attack is blocked.
Bandreus Hot Spot (or similar) + Telekinesis (or similar) You can use control spells like Telekinesis to move your opponents onto damage-dealing tiles. Conversely, you can also use control spells to save your characters from taking damage by moving them away from those same tiles.
Bandreus Elvish Insight + Devastating Blow Devastating Blow deals additional damage depending on the number of revealed cards in the target's hand. You can use Elvish Insight at the right time to reveal the opponent's hand, making your Devastating Blows much deadlier.
Bandreus Flimsy Block Although seemingly a bad card, Flimsy Block is great if you need a defense vs particularly nasty cards - like Winds Of War, Path Of Knives or Barge - which deal little or no damage but otherwise are very dangerous. Since most attack cards typically deal more than 2 damage, your trusty Flimsy Block will likely sit in your hand undisturbed until you need it.
Bearson Onyx comments: Also, and the main reason I'm happy with the one on my warrior, it blocks Short Perplexing Ray, the morale blow to the opposing player when he finds out not only did you not discard two important attack cards when you came in range but all you spent on it was a Flimsy Block is great. and now you're free to bash that poor mage away.
Bandreus Flight Aura or Teleport Self + Sprint or Wild Run Basically lets you easily cover extremely long distances ignoring most or all movement-impairing features.
Bandreus Enchanted Harness + Assorted Armors This is extremely cool to pull paired with armors which come with added effects, as the +2 on armor rolls means those will trigger as well as absorbing damage more often: use with Spiked Mail to reflect melee damage, Holy Armor for good healing and Inspiring Armor for drawing cards.
Bandreus Bad Luck + Armors you actually might not want to absorb damage Some cards boost your character's abilities in various ways. These often double as Armor, but lack the keep keyword. Arcane Aura and Frenzy Aura are good examples of such cards. Using Bad Luck on your own characters will help you hold those cards in your hand when targeted by enemy attacks.
Farbs Martyr Blessing + Spiked Mail (equipped by your opponent) I stumbled across this one by accident. Every time you attack you have a 50% chance of a card draw in exchange for 2hp. Add Reliable Hide Armor to the mix and it becomes 1hp.
Aldones Unholy Wellspring + AoE magic. By the time you get Wellspring, you're pretty familiar with Frenzy effects, so it's easy to dismiss it as just a more powerful one. Wellspring effects all damaging attacks. Little pokes like Ember Spray and Force Cone become serious hitters, and Firestorm becomes pure hell, especially when combined with burning enhancement traits. I never use the Wellspring on my melee hitters. It's always focused into an AoE of some sort.
Aldones Firestorm on enemies with Duck They will feel compelled to throw it back at you, roasting all their friends a second time, basically giving you two firestorms for the cost of one.
Aldones Boiling Armor with any zombies effected with Festering Guts Zombies try to use Resistant Hides to prevent allied Festering Guts damage, but removing that can turn them from a ticking time bomb into a huge chain reaction that wipes out the entire map in one round. It definitely helps when they're all members of a single minion group. Just make sure you've got a survivor out of harm's way, or are wearing your own Resistant Hide.
Aldones Unholy Wellspring on enemy AI There are also a couple groups of enemies, mostly in the arena battles, who have a cleric who likes to just sit there and buff nearby allies over and over (even when the allied unit is already buffed, sometimes). Since a lot of those buffs are slightly damage dealing, it's fun to hand the cleric a free Unholy Wellspring and watch him just pound his own allies into the ground.
Pengw1n Charge + Rushing Aura Only useful on certain very large maps - but still, very funny to pull off.
Lindbergh Pathfinding and a deck loaded up with Vicious Thrusts and Nimble Strikes. You can't build a deck devoid of any basic moves for you to draw... but you can build a deck where you probably will draw 2 step attacks.
Sir Knight comments: Pathfinding is a replacement for the lost Attack Skill. Start from a deck with Step cards on the weapons. Then you can get Boots with a single non-Step-card Move pretty easily: Good Spiked Boots is lovely, Light Chain Boots is utilitarian, and Boots Of Aggression has NO basic Moves (though you have to like Charge damage). Then you choose an Elf Skill with Pathfinding and little else: Practiced Scouting is okay, while Frightened Scouting has NO basic Moves. Frightened Scouting forces you to have Cowardly. However, if you happen to draw Cowardly during a Pathfinding run then you will discard it with no ill effects.
Zalminen Hot Spot/Wall of Fire and Acrobatic Flip. If the foe slips away from the lava, just move to attack. You can often flip the enemy right back in the red hot doom...
tuknir Winds of War + Path of Knives Can be prety nasty. Cast the Path of Knives on a caster, cast Winds of War and move him near your hitter, he takes dmg. If he runs, he takes extra dmg. If he doesnt run, he gets hit.
Gabbek Winds of War + Gusts of War Allows you to cover all of your wizards and move two of them at once if needed, or one of them and enemy :) Enjoy!
Gabbek Short Perplexing Ray + Slow Rather unusual for most people: Short Perplexing Ray yourself when you've got Slow and useless card left in your hand.
Gabbek Raging Strike + allied party If you have Raging Strike in your hand and will suffer massive damage from enemy because of that - consider hitting one of your own guys with it (if you happen to have Inspiring Armor -- double the value! :D)
Ricey Teleport Self + Charge Great for doing the last few points of dmg needed to kill someone, even better if that's what you end the game with. :P
Pokemath Wavering Faith + Arcane Feedback Works if you're lucky enough. Means you don't have to end your turn with an extra card to get rid of the feedback, plus you can discard whatever Arrogant Armor is sitting in the back of your opponent's deck.
Forduc Reflexive Teleport with any of the priest buff/attack cards Reflexive Teleport can trigger on your own attacks, so stuff like Unholy Wellspring can give bit of a speed boost for your mage. Too unreliable to get out of a tough spot, but fun anyway.
TheSench Healing Pulse with enemy block cards Normally I try to avoid having this card in PvE, as I feel it would often help the enemy more than me. Unfortunately, it's on Trained Healer on my vampire priest. I was fighting goblins in the tree fort adventure and had become surrounded by two groups of full health enemies. I used Healing Pulse to try and regain a few HP and to my surprise, saw the enemy horde empty their hands of regular and missile blocks trying to prevent the dreaded healing of their wounds.
piotras Smoke Bomb wizard with Ember Bursts What I love recently in MP is a dedicated Smoke Bomb wizard with Ember Bursts as an addition to his arsenal, similarly for cones it can go through (i.e. explodes at the edge of smoke bomb and harms characters within the second row of smoke bomb), but it can be done from a safe distance
zelink551 Reflect Missile + Bungled Heal Some people have already mentioned Reflect Missile, but I always found it most amusing with Bungled Heal. You can use it to heal 5, have the other heal reflected back at you, and end up healing 10!
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