Gladiatorial Arena, Qualifiers

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Arena Qualifier.jpg
Number of Scenarios 3
  • No party deaths
  • All your levels are reduced to 1
  • Party has one health
  • Equip only items with a Drawback card
Unlocked By
Melvelous the Magnificent
Gladiatorial Arena, Finals

[edit] Part 1 - Play-Off, Round 1

Gladiatorial Arena Qualifiers Part1 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars
6 6
Enemies Quantity
Amirault Catt 1
Gethen Deathzap 1
Carolinia 1
Pre-Battle Description
Welcome to Cardstock I, the first national Card Hunter championships. You will compete in a series of challenges to determine the first national Card Hunter champion via a grueling series of battles spread over two adventures. In this first round you will face three Elven wizards. Be prepared for nimble opponents with a range of magical tricks!
Post-Battle Description
Well done, combatant. The crowd cheers with wild adulation at this first blood to be spilled and shower you with gifts! The wizards lie motionless on the arena floor. The heralds announce your next opponent: The infamous dwarven sell-sword Plog Kneechopper, accompanied by his band of zombies and a ferocious goblin hulk! Those who are about to die, we salute you!
  • Since all three enemies are elf wizards, use Missile Block and Resistant Hide, and ditch the Parries.
  • Chasing down elven wizards can be a pain, so give your warrior step attacks to help catch them!

[edit] Part 2 - Play-Off, Round 2

Gladiatorial Arena Qualifiers Part2 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars
6 6
Enemies Quantity
Goblin Hulk 1
Festering Zombies 2
Plog Kneechopper 1
Pre-Battle Description
Round two begins. The arena portcullis gapes ponderously and Plog Kneechopper makes his entrance, his gruesome undead companions in tow. There are no victory squares to be held; it is kill or be killed this day!
Post-Battle Description
With Kneechopper defeated, you have climbed another rung on this deadly ladder. Another selection of items is presented to you between bouts, in the Cardhuntrian tradition. The next round is announced as the crown holds its breath. You will face an Armored Dog, a Fire Sprite and a Burning Skeleton in an obstacle course!
  • All enemies in this battle have only Range 1 melee attacks, so bring Range 2 stabs and keep your distance!
  • Don't surround Plog Kneechopper, since as his name implies, he packs lots of two-target Chop attacks.

[edit] Part 3 - Play-Off, Round 3

Gladiatorial Arena Qualifiers Part3 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars Victory Squares
3 6 4
Enemies Quantity
Scar 1
Fire Sprite 1
Burning Skeleton 1
Pre-Battle Description
The final battle of the qualifying round begins. King Osrius himself drops a flag from his box seat to signal the final contest. With some trepidation, you watch the magical arena apparatus re-arrange itself into a deadly maze. Steel yourself, adventurer, for destiny awaits!
Post-Battle Description
The crowd stands as one and chants your name! You hold your weapons aloft and bask in the glory of victory. King Osrius himself salutes you from on high before retiring with his retinue. The portcullis creaks open again, this time revealing a feasting table laden with the spoils of the victor. Congratulations! You have qualified for the Cardstock championship adventure!
  • Bring cards like Dissolve Armor and Boiling Armor to fight the armored Burning Skeleton and Scar.

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