Gladiatorial Arena, Finals

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Arena Round 1.jpg
Number of Scenarios 3
  • No party deaths
  • All your levels are reduced to 1
  • Party has one health
  • Equip only items with a Drawback card
Unlocked By
Gladiatorial Arena, Qualifiers

[edit] Part 1 - Path of Champions

Gladiatorial Arena Finals Part1 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars Victory Squares
6 6 6
Enemies Quantity
Black Ooze 1
Trog Gougers 2
Lizardman Cleric 1
Pre-Battle Description
The crowd cheers as you enter the arena. Your exploits are the talk of the arena circuit after your performance in the qualifying rounds. In this first deadly match you will face a menagerie of foul creatures including Trogs, a Lizardman Cleric and a vile Black Ooze! To make matters worse, you'll start next to them, back to back. Mustering your courage, you take your places. Prepare for battle!
Post-Battle Description
The hair-raising duel is over. Your experience fighting in the twisting dungeons of Cardhuntria has served you well. The attendants wheel out the traditional carts of fruit and items for the victor, as the herald announces your next match will be against the priest Miriam Sanctar, her Beech Tree companion and her Kobold disciples! You select your gear and prepare to face her.
  • Get low health characters away from the enemy ASAP; you can worry about Victory Points later.
  • Trog Gougers start with their backs turned; if you have a big attack, use it while Crude Plates can't help them.
  • If you can, kill the defenseless Lizardman Cleric first.

[edit] Part 2 - SemiFinal

Gladiatorial Arena Finals Part2 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars Victory Squares
7 6 16
Enemies Quantity
Miriam Sanctar 1
Tall Beech Tree 1
Kobold Avengers 3
Pre-Battle Description
Miriam Sanctar enters the arena. She raises one hand to the crowd with five fingers outstretched, and the other with three. The crowd boos at your numeric disadvantage but this only causes Miriam to laugh long and loud. You have reached the penultimate match on your way to the championship and so prepare to show her what you think of her jest.
Post-Battle Description
You make a great show of counting the bodies of your defeated foes to the delight of the crowd! Spirits are high as your victor’s reward is wheeled out by the dutiful attendants. The herald announces your final opponents: Lumbrezz the mad (a human Wizard), Holloborn the Nimble (an elven Priest) and Vignus Stoneblessed (a dwarven Priest). May the best team stand victorious!
  • The Tall Beech Tree is the most dangerous foe in this battle; bring fire attacks!
  • If you can take out the low HP kobolds early, it can be easy to scoop up Victory Square stars.
  • The Tall Beech Tree has a massive Range 2 melee attack, so keep your distance!

[edit] Part 3 - The Final

Gladiatorial Arena Finals Part3 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars
6 6
Enemies Quantity
Lumbrezz the Mad 1
Holloborn the Nimble 1
Vingus Stoneblessed 1
Pre-Battle Description
The trumpeters play what has become your signature tune as you set forth for the final time onto the bloodstained sands. King Osirius smiles his approval as your opponents make their entry. These famous gladiators long ago left dungeon-delving behind for the bright torchlight of the arena. They salute you as a mark of respect and you respond in kind. Two teams have entered, but only one team will leave...
Post-Battle Description
Your noble ascent up the ladder of gladiatorial fame has culminated in this glorious moment. The King himself stands and applauds, the entire arena is on their feet, cheering as one! You are crowned as Hero of the Arena, and afforded the rich rewards that accompany the title. Congratulations, you are a Card Hunter Champion!

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