Stormbringers (Premade Party)

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Weapon 1: Crimson Staff
HP 21
Class Wizard
Race Human
Movement Run
Weapon 2: Lavender Staff
Arcane Item 1: Bimson's Water Stone
Arcane Item 2: Mind Water Ring
Arcane Item 3: Viscous Locket
Arcane Item 4: Acidic Gland
Robe: Alchemist Robes
Boots: Bully Boots
Race Skill: Thoughtful Guidance
Class Skill: Trained Rifthopping

3 Acid Spray Acid Spray Attack
2 Weakened Armor 1 Acid Spray Acid Spray Attack Weakened Armor Armor
2 Flash Flood 1 Acid Blast Acid Blast Attack Flash Flood Utility
1 Muscle Through 1 Hard to Pin Down 1 Fright Fright Handicap Hard to Pin Down Hybrid Muscle Through Movement
2 Penetrating Bolt 2 Sizzling Bolt 2 Acid Jet Acid Jet Attack Penetrating Bolt Attack Sizzling Bolt Attack
1 Mighty Spark 1 Acid Jet 2 Bungled Bolt 1 Unstable Bolt 1 Brain Burn Acid Jet Attack Brain Burn Handicap Bungled Bolt Attack Mighty Spark Attack Unstable Bolt Hybrid
1 Flash Flood 1 Perplexing Ray 1 Force Bolt Flash Flood Utility Force Bolt Attack Perplexing Ray Attack
1 Jump, Soldier! 1 Block, Soldier! 1 Jarring Block Block, Soldier! Assist Jarring Block Block Jump, Soldier! Utility
1 Dimensional Traveller 1 Surging Blast 1 Force Bolt Dimensional Traveller Boost Force Bolt Attack Surging Blast Hybrid
2 Acid Blast 1 Traveling Curse Acid Blast Attack Traveling Curse Handicap

Weapon 1: Polished Club
HP 29
Class Priest
Race Dwarf
Movement Walk
Weapon 2: Hallowing Hammer
Shield: Streaked Shield
Divine Armor: Eixtl's Winged Mail
Divine Item 1: Feathered Idol
Divine Item 2: Cleansing Incense
Divine Item 3: Bishop's Healing Ring
Boots: Winged Track Shoes
Race Skill: Tough Charger
Class Skill: Pious Cleansing

1 Healing Blessing 1 Heal 1 Boosted Heal Boosted Heal Hybrid Heal Assist Healing Blessing Assist
1 Cleansing Burst 1 Cleansing Ray 1 Cleansing Presence Cleansing Burst Utility Cleansing Presence Utility Cleansing Ray Utility
1 Hardy Mail 2 Wings of Faith Hardy Mail Armor Wings of Faith Assist
1 Wings of Faith 2 Surestrike Blessing Surestrike Blessing Assist Wings of Faith Assist
2 Able Bash 2 Purging Strike 2 Consecrate Ground Able Bash Attack Consecrate Ground Assist Purging Strike Attack
1 Altruism 1 Holy Presence 1 Armor of Faith Altruism Boost Armor of Faith Assist Holy Presence Boost
2 Able Bash 1 Trained Bludgeon 1 Lunging Strike 1 Limited Heal 1 Healing Rays Able Bash Attack Healing Rays Assist Limited Heal Assist Lunging Strike Hybrid Trained Bludgeon Attack
1 Hit the Deck 1 Lifesaving Block 1 Fright Fright Handicap Hit the Deck Block Lifesaving Block Block
1 Charge 1 Parry 1 Weak Block Charge Movement Parry Block Weak Block Block
2 Flight Aura 1 Sprint Flight Aura Hybrid Sprint Movement

Weapon 1: Barreling Club
HP 29
Class Warrior
Race Human
Movement Run
Weapon 2: Vinewrapped Cudgel
Weapon 3: Club
Helm: Helm Of Breezes
Shield: Coward's Shield
Heavy Armor: Golden Splint Mail
Boots: Winged Moccasins
Race Skill: Tactics
Class Skill: Quick Attacker

3 Barge 1 Powerful Hack 2 Powerful Bludgeon Barge Attack Powerful Bludgeon Attack Powerful Hack Attack
2 Barge 1 Bash 1 Simple Bash 1 Vulnerable 1 Obvious Maneuver Barge Attack Bash Hybrid Obvious Maneuver Handicap Simple Bash Attack Vulnerable Handicap
2 Weak Block 1 Jump Back Jump Back Hybrid Weak Block Block
1 Dynamic Armor 1 Flight Aura 1 Thickened Mail Dynamic Armor Hybrid Flight Aura Hybrid Thickened Mail Armor
1 Flight Aura 1 Run, Team! 1 Shuffle, Team! Flight Aura Hybrid Run, Team! Assist Shuffle, Team! Assist
1 Bruiser 1 Slicer 1 Quick Step Bruiser Boost Quick Step Movement Slicer Boost
1 Forward Thinking 1 Jarring Block 1 Attack, Soldier! Attack, Soldier! Assist Forward Thinking Boost Jarring Block Block
2 Controlled Overswing 2 Simple Strike 2 Pushback Parry Controlled Overswing Attack Pushback Parry Block Simple Strike Attack
1 Sprint 1 Spin Around 1 Flight Aura Flight Aura Hybrid Spin Around Movement Sprint Movement
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