Return to Woodhome

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Return to Woodhome.jpg
Number of Scenarios 2
Pizza Cost to Unlock 40
Guaranteed Reward for Completion
Giant Skeletal Arm
  • No party deaths
  • All your levels are reduced to 1
  • Use only Humans
  • Party has one health
  • Equip only items with a Drawback card
Unlocked By
Melvelous the Magnificent

[edit] Part 1 - Woodhome River

Return to Woodhome Part1 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars
6 6
Enemies Quantity
Festering Zombies 3
Zombies 3
Pre-Battle Description
Woodhome cannot, will not, remain in the moldering hands of the undead! With the help of the refugee townspeople, you formulate a plan to slip into Woodhome via the river and make your way to the graveyard. It is your sworn duty to seek out and kill the leaders of this invading undead army.
Post-Battle Description
The commotion of the attack has alerted the undead to your presence. Already you can hear them moaning and shuffling toward your position. You must hurry!

[edit] Part 2 - Woodhome Graveyard

Return to Woodhome Part2 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars
7 6
Enemies Quantity
Festering Zombies 1
Zombies 3
Skeleton Warriors 3
Pre-Battle Description
You reach the graveyard, which is teeming with revolting undead as expected, both Skeletons and Zombies. Amongst them stands a Festering Zombie with an unusual glint in its eyes, indicating some degree of sentience. It quickly catches your scent and snarls as you approach. Could this be the leader?
Post-Battle Description
You put down the curiously cerebral Festering Zombie, and the rest of the Zombies immediately show signs of confusion. Leaderless they are now no more than pathetic fodder and you mop up the remains with ease. Woodhome is liberated! Well done, adventurer!

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