Mage Hunters (Premade Party)

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Weapon 1: Excellent Rapier
Hunter 1
HP 25
Class Warrior
Race Elf
Movement Dash
Weapon 2: Sharp Spetum
Weapon 3: Weighted Cudgel
Helm: Wyvern Hide Helmet
Shield: Bullseye Shield
Heavy Armor: Spiked Tlahuiztli
Boots: White Jungle Boots
Race Skill: Insight
Class Skill: Savvy Attacker

2 Catch Arrow 1 Missile Block Catch Arrow Block Missile Block Block
1 Nimble Strike 1 Fiery Stab 2 Shifty Stab 2 Lunging Hack Fiery Stab Attack Lunging Hack Hybrid Nimble Strike Hybrid Shifty Stab Hybrid
2 Elvish Insight 1 Skip Elvish Insight Attack Skip Hybrid
1 Impaler 1 Slicer 1 Team Walk Impaler Boost Slicer Boost Team Walk Movement
3 Devastating Blow 3 Vicious Thrust Devastating Blow Attack Vicious Thrust Hybrid
1 Barbed Platemail 1 Mail 1 Ouch! Barbed Platemail Armor Mail Armor Ouch! Handicap
3 Devastating Blow 1 Bash 2 Simple Bash Bash Hybrid Devastating Blow Attack Simple Bash Attack
1 Muscle Through 1 Flight Aura 1 Quickness Aura Flight Aura Hybrid Muscle Through Movement Quickness Aura Hybrid
1 Thick Hide Armor 1 Quick Reactions 1 Traveling Curse Quick Reactions Boost Thick Hide Armor Hybrid Traveling Curse Handicap

Weapon 1: Sacrificial Axe
Hunter 2
HP 25
Class Priest
Race Human
Movement Run
Weapon 2: Cleansing Blade
Shield: Shield of Vitality
Divine Armor: Inspiring Chain Shirt
Divine Item 1: Corpselight Charm
Divine Item 2: Tome of the Martyr
Divine Item 3: Incense of the Caged Demon
Boots: Glimmer Boots
Race Skill: Novice Command
Class Skill: Blessed Ablution

1 Consecrate Ground 1 Talented Healer 1 Holy Presence Consecrate Ground Assist Holy Presence Boost Talented Healer Boost
1 Dancing Cut 1 Potent Stab 1 Clumsy Chop 2 Cleansing Burst 1 Cleansing Presence Cleansing Burst Utility Cleansing Presence Utility Clumsy Chop Attack Dancing Cut Hybrid Potent Stab Attack
1 Unholy Energy 1 Impenetrable Nimbus 1 Boosted Heal Boosted Heal Hybrid Impenetrable Nimbus Assist Unholy Energy Hybrid
1 Run 1 Hardy Mail 1 Squeamish Hardy Mail Armor Run Movement Squeamish Handicap
2 Unholy Energy 1 Demonic Revenge Demonic Revenge Handicap Unholy Energy Hybrid
1 Crafted Mail 1 Inspiration 1 Heal Crafted Mail Armor Heal Assist Inspiration Assist
1 Run, Team! 1 Block, Soldier! 1 Vulnerable Block, Soldier! Assist Run, Team! Assist Vulnerable Handicap
2 Pressing Bash 1 Strong Hack 1 Triple Heals 2 Vulnerable Pressing Bash Attack Strong Hack Attack Triple Heals Assist Vulnerable Handicap
2 Absorbing Block 1 Flimsy Block Absorbing Block Block Flimsy Block Block
2 Martyr Blessing 1 Inspiration Inspiration Assist Martyr Blessing Assist

Weapon 1: Ironwood Staff of the Magus
Hunter 3
HP 21
Class Wizard
Race Human
Movement Run
Weapon 2: Counterblast Staff
Arcane Item 1: Citrine Amulet
Arcane Item 2: Round Jade Stone
Arcane Item 3: Blasting Amulet
Arcane Item 4: Flicker's Earcuff
Robe: Footfall Robes
Boots: Heavy Hide Boots
Race Skill: Command
Class Skill: Superb Rifthopping

2 Force Cannon 1 Penetrating Zap Force Cannon Attack Penetrating Zap Attack
1 Forgetfulness 2 Big Zap Big Zap Attack Forgetfulness Attack
1 Sprint, Team! 1 Walk, Team! 1 Slowed Slowed Hybrid Sprint, Team! Assist Walk, Team! Assist
1 Surging Blast 2 Sorcerous Blast 2 Forgetfulness 1 Jarring Block Forgetfulness Attack Jarring Block Block Sorcerous Blast Attack Surging Blast Hybrid
2 Counterspell 1 Acid Spray Acid Spray Attack Counterspell Hybrid
1 Sparkling Cloth Armor 1 Cautious Sneak 1 Big Zap Big Zap Attack Cautious Sneak Movement Sparkling Cloth Armor Hybrid
1 Healing Dash 1 Thick Hide Armor 1 Weakened Armor Healing Dash Movement Thick Hide Armor Hybrid Weakened Armor Armor
1 Obliterating Spark 1 Penetrating Bolt 1 Surging Bolt 1 Nimble Strike 1 Desperate Block 1 Parry Desperate Block Block Nimble Strike Hybrid Obliterating Spark Attack Parry Block Penetrating Bolt Attack Surging Bolt Hybrid
1 Reflexive Teleport 1 Illusory Barrier 1 Arcane Feedback Arcane Feedback Hybrid Illusory Barrier Utility Reflexive Teleport Hybrid
1 Dimensional Traveller 1 Surging Blast 1 Surging Bolt Dimensional Traveller Boost Surging Blast Hybrid Surging Bolt Hybrid
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