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This page catalogs Card Hunter build history and acts as a news archive.

Build Version Release Date Summary of Changes
3.186 June 21st, 2017

[edit] 3.186 Changes

Our brand new level 21 adventures are now live. Can you stop the Blight from engulfing Cardhuntria and defeat Countess Jovana? Detailed blog post about the release.

[edit] Castle Mitternacht adventures

Three new high-level adventures are coming soon. Beginning with The Spreading Blight, a free adventure for all players, you’ll embark on a perilous journey through the lands of the late Lord Makhail. Over the course of your adventures, you’ll encounter dastardly new foes and overcome treacherous obstacles… and, of course, find priceless loot!

[edit] Foil Figure Sale

In conjunction with the release of this content, we will also be putting all our foil figures on 50% off sale. Deck out your inquisitors for the low price of 80 pizza each!

[edit] New Starter Packs

3.181 April 11th, 2017

[edit] 3.181 Changes

The holiday figures are finally gone from the costume store + 3.182 hotfix for some Mauve Manticore text & equipment ID fixes.

[edit] Mauve Manticore 24

  • Revolt of the Robots by Vlamona
  • Head Hunter by adajon
  • Champions of Chaos by Maniafig

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 18

3.180 March 20th, 2017

[edit] 3.180 Changes

[edit] Holiday Updates

[edit] Mauve Manticore 23

  • Space Station Outbreak by Pawndawan
  • Attack of the Astral Guardians! by 00Banshee00
  • Capture the Tomb by Jaer

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 17

  • AA #17 winning item (reward for Mauve Manticore 23): Instant Snowman by Fry_The_Guy

[edit] New ranked PvP map rotation (Morvin map set)

3.176 December 23rd, 2016

[edit] 3.176 Changes

[edit] Holiday Updates

[edit] Mauve Manticore 22

  • Ogre Escort by adajon
  • Hammer Time by Potato Preist
  • Space Explorers by Vlamona

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 16

3.170 December 1st, 2016

[edit] 3.170 Changes

[edit] Mauve Manticore 21

Attack on the Cyber Castle trilogy by adajon:

  • Uplink
  • Rescue
  • Finale

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 15

3.169 November 14th, 2016

[edit] 3.169 Changes

  • Fixed the bug where Inspirational Thinking didn't require a discard while using a form attachment.
  • Closed the Halloween store, removed Halloween figures from Cuthbert's and stopped Halloween loot from dropping.
3.168 November 4th, 2016

[edit] 3.168 Changes

Some bug fixes from the Mitternacht set and Halloween.

[edit] Cards

[edit] Lobby

  • Fix lobby chest shop layout.

[edit] Items

3.164 October 28th, 2016

[edit] 3.164 Changes

This build contains the latest Mauve Manticore, seven new items from Aloyzo, and our latest set, Castle Mitternacht. Also, Halloween content, which will run through mid-November.

[edit] Castle Mitternacht

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 13 & 14

[edit] Halloween Content

[edit] Mauve Manticore 20

  • King of the Jungle by adajon
  • Guarded by Death by Vlamona
  • Cult Initiation by Maniafig
3.148 August 24th, 2016

[edit] 3.148 Changes

Another Mauve Manticore is hot off the presses with new user created scenarios and look out for the new Aloyzo crafted Wallbreaker's Chisel!

[edit] Mauve Manticore 19

  • The Case of the Fiendish Troll by Vlamona
  • Ghostly Getaway by adajon
  • Trapped in the Tomb by youthpastor

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 12

3.145 July 14th, 2016

[edit] 3.145 Changes

This build contains just one fix: it stops a crash when using Accelerate Time after killing a 2x2 figure.

3.144 July 11th, 2016

[edit] 3.144 Changes

Summer balance changes, Mauve Manticore 18 & Aloyzo's Arsenal 11 & PayPal bug fixes

[edit] Summer Balance Changes

[edit] Nerfs
[edit] Buffs

[edit] Mauve Manticore 18

  • Dinner Disturbance by BlackVoidDeath
  • Radioactive Picnic by youthpastor
  • Bureaucracy by Fanturluche

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 11

  • AA #11 winning item (reward for Mauve Manticore 18): Pipes of Hamelin by VermillionOcean

[edit] Bug fixes

  • Some fixes that may help with delayed delivery of items purchased through PayPal.
3.140 June 13th, 2016

[edit] 3.140 Changes

[edit] Mauve Manticore 17

  • Wisps in the Basement by Vlamona
  • Irate Interview by adajon
  • Culinary Contest! by Maniafig

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 10

  • AA #10 winning item (reward for Mauve Manticore 17): Uplifting Faith by Hidden Jaguar

[edit] Monsters

3.138 May 16th, 2016

[edit] 3.138 Changes

Mauve Manticore 16, a new AA item, Entropy Wars league and more. Also, check out the new demon skins in Cuthbert's Costumes!

[edit] Leagues

[edit] Steam Client

  • Should now be working again in the test branch.
  • Fix Questor achievement if you complete an AI quest.
  • Fix the calculation of Franchisee achievement.

[edit] Figure Purchases

  • Add demon figures to Cuthbert's
  • Explicitly roll back DB commit on failed figure purchase.
  • More comprehensive exception/error logging in figure purchase handler.

[edit] Custom Scenarios

  • AI music and monsters for scenario editor.

[edit] Mauve Manticore 16

Gnome adventure trilogy by Lord Patches:

  • Gnomeward Bound
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Keep Lore Elves

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 9

  • AA #9 winning item (reward for Mauve Manticore 16): Make Haste by Stexe

[edit] Adventures

  • Some adventure/scenario text fixes.
  • But a Trifle capitalization fixed.
  • Some typos in MM15.3 intro text.

[edit] Cards

3.132 May 5th, 2016

[edit] 3.132 Changes

This build contains some fixes to PayPal purchasing that have been presenting issues for some players/purchases.

[edit] Pizza purchasing

  • Switch to system-specific logging for pizza purchasing so we can enable debugging for just that system.
  • Fix a potential timing issue where a user might not be credited pizza if PayPal responds too quickly.

[edit] Mauve Manticore

  • Boards for MM16.

[edit] Leagues

[edit] Cards

[edit] Monsters

3.131 April 18th, 2016

[edit] 3.131 Changes

Acquisitions Incorporated (AI) expansion, Mauve Manticore 15 and Aloyzo's Arsenal 8 winners. Most of the 3.107 - 3.130 builds from February 25th to April 17th were closed beta builds for AI testing. This changelog tries to catalogue all changes made and introduced during Acquisitions Incorporated (build 3.131) launch on April 18th.

[edit] Acquisitions Incorporated

[edit] Mauve Manticore 15

  • Firepower by adajon
  • A Philosophical Discussion by Vlamona
  • Spider Hunt by BlackVoidDeath

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 8

[edit] Caverns of Chaos

  • Added some AI doodads to Caverns of Chaos entrance.
  • Caverns of Chaos just got more AIy.
  • Fixed some decklist typos for Caverns of Chaos characters.

[edit] Cards

  • Lots and lots of card text bug fixes. "Draw"->"Create" for Laser Malfunctions.
  • Burning and Poison tooltips now correctly say "round" instead of "turn".

[edit] Adventures

Fixed swarm spawning in MM14.3. Fixed scenario text typos in Highway Robbery and Lord Batford's Manor.

[edit] Monsters

3.126 April 8th, 2016

[edit] 3.126 Changes

This build has some fixes for the recent PayPal integration update. Specifically, cancelling out of a purchase of a bundle (by closing the PayPal tab or by hitting the cancel button on the PayPal website) shouldn't cause problems with future purchases.

3.121 April 4th, 2016

[edit] 3.121 Changes

This release has some security updates including a revised integration of PayPal payment processing and a new SSL certificate for the websites.

3.113 March 15th, 2016

[edit] 3.113 Changes

[edit] Mauve Manticore 14

  • Acid, Lava, and Pig by Vlamona
  • Core Processor by BlackVoidDeath
  • Panic! at the Retirement Home by Wandere

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 7

[edit] New ranked map rotation

3.106 February 17th, 2016

[edit] 3.106 Changes

The first build for 2016. This build is mostly bug fixes but also includes a new Mauve Manticore and Aloyzo crafted item.

[edit] Cards

[edit] Deck Builder

  • Fix some items being cut off when viewing your collection in the "mini" UI (i.e. when using a low rez screen or small window size).
  • Fix owned item counts for inactive character sheets.

[edit] Mauve Manticore 13

  • A Festive Thief by Killer74
  • Circus Camp by tuknir
  • Lord Stafford's Hunting Brigade by adajon

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 6

[edit] Achievements

  • Fix the quest count for core quest Steam achievement.

[edit] Holiday Updates

  • Close the Holiday store.
  • Remove from sale the Holiday figures.
  • Remove from loot drops the Holiday items.

[edit] Leagues

[edit] Monsters

3.98 December 21st, 2015

[edit] 3.98 Changes

[edit] Holiday Updates

[edit] Monsters

  • Blizzy large portrait.
  • Blizzy Jr. for Caverns of Chaos
  • Large portraits for Lizardman characters.

[edit] Mauve Manticore 12

  • Blizzy's Brisk Rescue by DrayGon777
  • Greenskin Invaders by adajon
  • Forest Guardians by BlackVoidDeath

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 5

[edit] Caverns of Chaos

  • Nerfed some monster groups, culled wyvern population, added new final bosses.
  • Changes to random character decklists: more armor removal, slightly fewer dead cards.
  • Fixed typo in Xander's decklist.

[edit] Accounts

  • Spelling fix in account registration email.

[edit] Items

3.90 November 18th, 2015

[edit] 3.90 Changes

[edit] Halloween

  • Shut the Halloween store.

[edit] Aloyzo's Arsenal 4

[edit] Mauve Manticore 11

  • Astral Maze by Fanturluche
  • Trouble in the Forest Module by LeisureSuitLoli
  • Run the Gauntlet by adajon

[edit] Cards

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