Vein Drinkers (Premade Party)

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Weapon 1: Vampire Knight's Embrace
HP 21
Class Priest
Race Elf
Movement Dash
Weapon 2: Vampire's Blade
Shield: Potent Heirloom Shield
Divine Armor: Glowing Hide Armor
Divine Item 1: Charismatic Teeth
Divine Item 2: Scar of the Hero
Divine Item 3: Nightsucker's Goblet
Boots: Unrelenting Boots
Race Skill: Superb Mobility
Class Skill: Focused Healer

1 Vampire's Kiss 2 Inspiration Inspiration Assist Vampire's Kiss Attack
3 Talented Healer Talented Healer Boost
1 Invigorating Touch 1 Thick Hide Armor 1 Reliable Hide Armor Invigorating Touch Attack Reliable Hide Armor Armor Thick Hide Armor Hybrid
1 Enervating Touch 1 Unholy Frenzy 1 Creature of the Night Creature of the Night Handicap Enervating Touch Attack Unholy Frenzy Hybrid
1 Shield Block 1 Lucky Charm 1 Lifesaving Block Lifesaving Block Block Lucky Charm Block Shield Block Block
1 Demonic Power 2 Avenging Touch Avenging Touch Attack Demonic Power Assist
1 Elven Maneuvers 1 Elvish Insight 1 Slippery Elven Maneuvers Boost Elvish Insight Attack Slippery Boost
1 Quick Run 1 Immovable 1 Prowl Immovable Boost Prowl Hybrid Quick Run Movement
2 Invigorating Touch 1 Mass Frenzy 3 Vampire's Kiss Invigorating Touch Attack Mass Frenzy Assist Vampire's Kiss Attack
2 Invigorating Touch 1 Consuming Spear 1 Draining Touch 2 Loner Consuming Spear Attack Draining Touch Attack Invigorating Touch Attack Loner Handicap

Weapon 1: Coven Lance
HP 25
Class Priest
Race Human
Movement Run
Weapon 2: Tainted Morningstar
Shield: Aegis of the Bat
Divine Armor: Sanctified Shroud
Divine Item 1: Medallion of St. Vigus
Divine Item 2: Creepy Box
Divine Item 3: Incense of Roiled Air
Boots: Cursed Gumshoes
Race Skill: Subtle Positioning
Class Skill: Superb Piety

1 Defender's Block 1 Shifting Block 1 Parry Defender's Block Block Parry Block Shifting Block Block
2 Enervating Touch 2 Destructive Purge 1 Demonic Feedback 1 Walpurgis Night Demonic Feedback Assist Destructive Purge Attack Enervating Touch Attack Walpurgis Night Hybrid
1 Healing Rays 1 Accelerated Thought 1 Creature of the Night Accelerated Thought Hybrid Creature of the Night Handicap Healing Rays Assist
1 Sprint 1 Investigate 1 Demonic Revenge Demonic Revenge Handicap Investigate Hybrid Sprint Movement
1 Mass Frenzy 2 Inspiration Inspiration Assist Mass Frenzy Assist
2 Impenetrable Nimbus 1 Healing Blessing Healing Blessing Assist Impenetrable Nimbus Assist
2 Sacred Shroud 1 Lifesaving Block Lifesaving Block Block Sacred Shroud Armor
2 Vanguard 1 Subtle Parry Subtle Parry Block Vanguard Boost
2 Altruism 1 Healing Rays Altruism Boost Healing Rays Assist
1 Inquisitor's Strike 1 Able Stab 1 Draining Touch 1 Curse of Fragility 1 Demonic Feedback 1 Misguided Heal Able Stab Attack Curse of Fragility Attack Demonic Feedback Assist Draining Touch Attack Inquisitor's Strike Attack Misguided Heal Hybrid

Weapon 1: Ravager's Cudgel
HP 29
Class Warrior
Race Human
Movement Run
Weapon 2: Blazing Torchsword
Weapon 3: Howling Pain
Helm: Veteran's Helmet
Shield: Twisting Shield
Heavy Armor: Werewolf Hide
Boots: Unrelenting Boots
Race Skill: Howling Guidance
Class Skill: Untrained Lycanthropy

2 Flaring Torch 1 Lunging Hack 2 Fiery Stab 1 Combustible Combustible Handicap Fiery Stab Attack Flaring Torch Attack Lunging Hack Hybrid
1 Howl 1 Jump, Soldier! 1 Lateral Thinking Howl Assist Jump, Soldier! Utility Lateral Thinking Assist
3 Howl 3 Nimble Strike Howl Assist Nimble Strike Hybrid
2 Unnerving Strike 1 Vicious Thrust 1 Able Bash 2 Howl Able Bash Attack Howl Assist Unnerving Strike Attack Vicious Thrust Hybrid
1 Hard to Pin Down 2 Pushback Parry Hard to Pin Down Hybrid Pushback Parry Block
1 Quick Run 1 Immovable 1 Prowl Immovable Boost Prowl Hybrid Quick Run Movement
1 Lycanthropic Form 2 Lunging Bite Lunging Bite Hybrid Lycanthropic Form Boost
1 Ready to Strike 1 Hardy Mail 1 Rusty Armor Hardy Mail Armor Ready to Strike Boost Rusty Armor Armor
1 Monstrous Hide 1 Quickness Aura 1 Creature of the Night Creature of the Night Handicap Monstrous Hide Armor Quickness Aura Hybrid
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