Vein Drinkers (Premade Party)

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Weapon 1: Lifesuck Spear
HP 21
Class Priest
Race Elf
Movement Dash
Weapon 2: Vampire's Blade
Shield: Absorbing Buckler
Divine Armor: Glowing Hide Armor
Divine Item 1: Pungent Incense
Divine Item 2: Martyr's Medallion
Divine Item 3: Wuuna's Vampiric Shroud
Boots: Black Iron Boots
Race Skill: Escapist
Class Skill: Focused Healer

1 Shield Block 1 Absorbing Block 1 Unreliable Block Absorbing Block Block Shield Block Block Unreliable Block Block
1 Quick Run 1 Immovable 1 Hardy Mail Hardy Mail Armor Immovable Boost Quick Run Movement
1 Slippery 1 Elvish Insight 1 Skip Elvish Insight Attack Skip Hybrid Slippery Boost
3 Talented Healer Talented Healer Boost
1 Invigorating Touch 1 Thick Hide Armor 1 Reliable Hide Armor Invigorating Touch Attack Reliable Hide Armor Armor Thick Hide Armor Hybrid
1 Impaling Stab 1 Devastating Blow 2 Enervating Touch 2 Lunging Strike Devastating Blow Attack Enervating Touch Attack Impaling Stab Attack Lunging Strike Hybrid
2 Martyr Blessing 1 Demonic Feedback Demonic Feedback Assist Martyr Blessing Assist
1 Unholy Wellspring 1 Help the Weak 1 Healing Pulse Healing Pulse Assist Help the Weak Assist Unholy Wellspring Hybrid
2 Invigorating Touch 1 Consuming Spear 1 Draining Touch 2 Loner Consuming Spear Attack Draining Touch Attack Invigorating Touch Attack Loner Handicap
1 Spear of Darkness 1 Enervating Touch 1 Consuming Spear Consuming Spear Attack Enervating Touch Attack Spear of Darkness Attack

Weapon 1: St. Olf's Fiery Pike
HP 25
Class Priest
Race Human
Movement Run
Weapon 2: Long Axe of Retribution
Shield: Striped Shield
Divine Armor: Mail of the Martyr
Divine Item 1: Medallion of St. Vigus
Divine Item 2: Shuddering Relic
Divine Item 3: Incense of Roiled Air
Boots: Magic Monkey Boots
Race Skill: Trained Command
Class Skill: Superb Piety

1 Mass Frenzy 2 Inspiration Inspiration Assist Mass Frenzy Assist
3 Reaching Swing 2 Righteous Frenzy 1 Minor Heal Minor Heal Assist Reaching Swing Attack Righteous Frenzy Assist
1 Scamper 1 Team Shift 1 Dangerous Maneuver Dangerous Maneuver Movement Scamper Movement Team Shift Movement
1 Horned Plates 2 Martyr Blessing Horned Plates Hybrid Martyr Blessing Assist
2 Impenetrable Nimbus 1 Healing Blessing Healing Blessing Assist Impenetrable Nimbus Assist
1 Mass Frenzy 1 Enervating Touch 1 Vulnerable Enervating Touch Attack Mass Frenzy Assist Vulnerable Handicap
2 Fiery Stab 2 Stab 2 Mass Frenzy Fiery Stab Attack Mass Frenzy Assist Stab Attack
2 Missile Block 1 Unreliable Block Missile Block Block Unreliable Block Block
2 Altruism 1 Healing Rays Altruism Boost Healing Rays Assist
1 Dash, Team! 1 Walk, Team! 1 Attack, Soldier! Attack, Soldier! Assist Dash, Team! Assist Walk, Team! Assist

Weapon 1: Double-edged Sword
HP 29
Class Warrior
Race Human
Movement Run
Weapon 2: Flashing Longspear
Weapon 3: Militiaman's Pike
Helm: Shaman's Felt Cap
Shield: Twisting Shield
Heavy Armor: Dependable Mail
Boots: Jackrabbit Boots
Race Skill: Perfect Command
Class Skill: Advanced Impaling

2 Impaler 1 Penetrating Stab Impaler Boost Penetrating Stab Attack
1 Reliable Mail 2 Mail Mail Armor Reliable Mail Armor
2 Impaling Stab 1 Potent Stab 2 Dancing Cut 1 Backbiting Strike Backbiting Strike Attack Dancing Cut Hybrid Impaling Stab Attack Potent Stab Attack
2 Impaling Stab 1 Puncturing Stab 2 Perforating Strike 1 Blind Rage Blind Rage Hybrid Impaling Stab Attack Perforating Strike Attack Puncturing Stab Attack
1 Healing Dash 1 Mail 1 Lunging Hack Healing Dash Movement Lunging Hack Hybrid Mail Armor
2 Impaling Stab 2 Puncturing Stab 2 Stab Impaling Stab Attack Puncturing Stab Attack Stab Attack
1 Dash, Team! 1 Run, Team! 1 Flanking Move Dash, Team! Assist Flanking Move Movement Run, Team! Assist
1 Shimmering Aura 2 Reliable Hide Armor Reliable Hide Armor Armor Shimmering Aura Armor
1 Hard to Pin Down 2 Pushback Parry Hard to Pin Down Hybrid Pushback Parry Block
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