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Weapon 1: Infused Greatclub
HP 33
Class Warrior
Race Dwarf
Movement Walk
Weapon 2: Carved Club
Weapon 3: Tango Spear
Helm: Commander's Cap
Shield: Steel Shield
Heavy Armor: Perilous Ringmail
Boots: Goblin-hide Boots
Race Skill: Stoutness
Class Skill: Novice Bruising

2 Pressing Bash 2 Bludgeon 1 Simple Strike 1 Unreliable Block Bludgeon Attack Pressing Bash Attack Simple Strike Attack Unreliable Block Block
1 Scuttle, Team! 1 Dash, Team! 1 Reliable Hide Armor Dash, Team! Assist Reliable Hide Armor Armor Scuttle, Team! Assist
1 Muscle Through 1 Sprint 1 Thick Hide Armor Muscle Through Movement Sprint Movement Thick Hide Armor Hybrid
2 Pulverizing Bludgeon 1 Trained Bludgeon 3 Bludgeon Bludgeon Attack Pulverizing Bludgeon Attack Trained Bludgeon Attack
2 Bruiser 1 Bludgeon Bludgeon Attack Bruiser Boost
1 Reliable Mail 1 Thickened Mail 1 Traveling Curse Reliable Mail Armor Thickened Mail Armor Traveling Curse Handicap
1 Shield Block 1 Surging Shield Block 1 Block Block Block Shield Block Block Surging Shield Block Hybrid
2 Immovable 1 Hit the Deck Hit the Deck Block Immovable Boost
3 Potent Stab 3 Dancing Cut Dancing Cut Hybrid Potent Stab Attack

Weapon 1: Stormstaff
HP 17
Class Wizard
Race Elf
Movement Dash
Weapon 2: Elderwood Staff
Arcane Item 1: Armorbane Pendant
Arcane Item 2: Box of Smoke
Arcane Item 3: Fiery Shard
Arcane Item 4: Jade Labyrinth
Robe: Green Hide Robe
Boots: Jackrabbit Boots
Race Skill: Healthy Trickery
Class Skill: Arcing Electromancy

1 Spark Generator 1 Spark Inductor 1 Arcing Spark Arcing Spark Attack Spark Generator Boost Spark Inductor Boost
1 Memory Loss 1 Dissolve Armor 1 Combustible Combustible Handicap Dissolve Armor Attack Memory Loss Attack
1 Wall of Fire 1 Smoke Bomb 1 Wall of Illusion Smoke Bomb Utility Wall of Fire Attack Wall of Illusion Utility
1 Potent Spark 1 Punishing Bolt 1 Powerful Spark 2 Spark 1 Pushback Parry Potent Spark Attack Powerful Spark Attack Punishing Bolt Attack Pushback Parry Block Spark Attack
1 Force Cannon 1 Stone Spikes 1 Magma Spray Force Cannon Attack Magma Spray Attack Stone Spikes Attack
1 Reliable Hide Armor 1 Quick Run 1 Winds of War Quick Run Movement Reliable Hide Armor Armor Winds of War Attack
1 Elven Trickery 1 Healing Dash 1 Vulnerable Elven Trickery Movement Healing Dash Movement Vulnerable Handicap
1 Healing Dash 1 Mail 1 Lunging Hack Healing Dash Movement Lunging Hack Hybrid Mail Armor
1 Memory Loss 2 Maze Maze Utility Memory Loss Attack
2 Mighty Spark 2 Arcing Spark 2 Powerful Spark Arcing Spark Attack Mighty Spark Attack Powerful Spark Attack

Weapon 1: Gray Blade
HP 25
Class Priest
Race Human
Movement Run
Weapon 2: Medic's Cudgel
Shield: Dueler's Buckler
Divine Armor: Armor of Cleansing
Divine Item 1: Demon Charm of the 7th Circle
Divine Item 2: Purging Charm
Divine Item 3: Twilight Talisman
Boots: Skipping Boots
Race Skill: Advanced Flexibility
Class Skill: Novice Healer

2 Leadership 1 Slowed Leadership Assist Slowed Hybrid
1 Thick Hide Armor 1 Cleansing Burst 1 Cleansing Presence Cleansing Burst Utility Cleansing Presence Utility Thick Hide Armor Hybrid
1 Unholy Wellspring 1 Demonic Power 1 Bad Luck Bad Luck Attack Demonic Power Assist Unholy Wellspring Hybrid
1 Block 1 Parry 1 Unreliable Block Block Block Parry Block Unreliable Block Block
1 Powerful Bash 1 Dancing Cut 1 Devastating Blow 2 Team Heal 1 Demonic Miasma Dancing Cut Hybrid Demonic Miasma Hybrid Devastating Blow Attack Powerful Bash Attack Team Heal Assist
1 Powerful Bash 2 Able Bash 2 Limited Heal 1 Help the Weak Able Bash Attack Help the Weak Assist Limited Heal Assist Powerful Bash Attack
2 Healing Spirit 1 Minor Heal Healing Spirit Boost Minor Heal Assist
1 Purging Burst 1 Enervating Touch 1 Purge Enervating Touch Attack Purge Utility Purging Burst Utility
1 Healing Dash 1 Flanking Move 1 Reliable Hide Armor Flanking Move Movement Healing Dash Movement Reliable Hide Armor Armor
1 Soothing Darkness 1 Impenetrable Nimbus 1 Help the Weak Help the Weak Assist Impenetrable Nimbus Assist Soothing Darkness Assist
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