Tezkal Elves(StarterPack)

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Weapon 1: Colossal Hammer
HP 25
Class Warrior
Race Elf
Movement Dash
Weapon 2: Warrior's Mace
Weapon 3: Sharp Spetum
Helm: Gouging Helm
Shield: Hexagon Shield
Heavy Armor: Tough Hide Shirt
Boots: Heavy Hide Boots
Race Skill: Cautious Mobility
Class Skill: Trained Crushing

2 Elven Maneuvers 1 Scouting Run Elven Maneuvers Boost Scouting Run Attack
2 Pulverizing Bludgeon 1 Barge 1 Trained Bludgeon 1 Able Bludgeon 1 Weak Strike Able Bludgeon Attack Barge Attack Pulverizing Bludgeon Attack Trained Bludgeon Attack Weak Strike Attack
1 Shimmering Aura 2 Lunging Thrust Lunging Thrust Hybrid Shimmering Aura Armor
1 Healing Dash 1 Thick Hide Armor 1 Weakened Armor Healing Dash Movement Thick Hide Armor Hybrid Weakened Armor Armor
1 Surging Shield Block 2 Pushback Parry Pushback Parry Block Surging Shield Block Hybrid
3 Devastating Blow 3 Vicious Thrust Devastating Blow Attack Vicious Thrust Hybrid
3 Thick Hide Armor Thick Hide Armor Hybrid
1 Crusher 1 Powerful Bludgeon 1 Bludgeon Bludgeon Attack Crusher Boost Powerful Bludgeon Attack
2 Mighty Bludgeon 1 Strong Bash 2 Lunging Hack 1 Parry Lunging Hack Hybrid Mighty Bludgeon Attack Parry Block Strong Bash Attack

Weapon 1: Staff of the Fire God
HP 17
Class Wizard
Race Elf
Movement Dash
Weapon 2: Forgefire Staff
Arcane Item 1: Locket of the Gale
Arcane Item 2: Wand of Seared Air
Arcane Item 3: Fireblast Torch
Arcane Item 4: Bracelet of Elements
Robe: Green Hide Robe
Boots: Possessed Shoes
Race Skill: Cautious Trickery
Class Skill: Varied Combustion

1 Cone of Cold 1 Acid Spray 1 Perplexing Ray Acid Spray Attack Cone of Cold Attack Perplexing Ray Attack
1 Elven Trickery 1 Scouting Run 1 Shuffle Elven Trickery Movement Scouting Run Attack Shuffle Movement
2 Magma Spray 1 Burning Fingers Burning Fingers Attack Magma Spray Attack
1 Sizzling Bolt 2 Instant Burn 1 Fire Spray 1 Jarring Block 1 Combustible Combustible Handicap Fire Spray Attack Instant Burn Attack Jarring Block Block Sizzling Bolt Attack
1 Reliable Hide Armor 1 Quick Run 1 Winds of War Quick Run Movement Reliable Hide Armor Armor Winds of War Attack
2 Winds of War 1 Ember Spray Ember Spray Attack Winds of War Attack
1 Immovable 1 Cautious Sneak 1 Shuffle Cautious Sneak Movement Immovable Boost Shuffle Movement
2 Fireball 1 Glob of Flame 1 Instant Burn 2 Magma Spray Fireball Attack Glob of Flame Attack Instant Burn Attack Magma Spray Attack
1 Hot Flames 1 Firestarter 1 Kindler Firestarter Boost Hot Flames Boost Kindler Boost
1 Winds of War 1 Wall of Fire 1 Hot Spot Hot Spot Attack Wall of Fire Attack Winds of War Attack

Weapon 1: Whiteglow Flail
HP 21
Class Priest
Race Elf
Movement Dash
Weapon 2: Shadowleaf Maquah
Shield: Twisting Shield
Divine Armor: Armor of Tlacoa
Divine Item 1: Medallion of St. Vigus
Divine Item 2: Saint's Tooth
Divine Item 3: Whiteglass Token
Boots: Skipping Boots
Race Skill: Cautious Trickery
Class Skill: Enlightened Devotion

1 Barbed Platemail 1 Stone Feet 1 Healing Pulse Barbed Platemail Armor Healing Pulse Assist Stone Feet Assist
1 Elven Trickery 1 Scouting Run 1 Shuffle Elven Trickery Movement Scouting Run Attack Shuffle Movement
2 Altruism 1 Healing Pulse Altruism Boost Healing Pulse Assist
2 Impenetrable Nimbus 1 Healing Blessing Healing Blessing Assist Impenetrable Nimbus Assist
1 Accelerated Thought 1 Boosted Heal 1 Entangling Roots Accelerated Thought Hybrid Boosted Heal Hybrid Entangling Roots Attack
2 Controlled Overswing 1 Reaching Swing 1 Unholy Wellspring 1 Avenging Touch 1 Pushback Parry Avenging Touch Attack Controlled Overswing Attack Pushback Parry Block Reaching Swing Attack Unholy Wellspring Hybrid
1 Healing Dash 1 Flanking Move 1 Reliable Hide Armor Flanking Move Movement Healing Dash Movement Reliable Hide Armor Armor
1 Hard to Pin Down 2 Pushback Parry Hard to Pin Down Hybrid Pushback Parry Block
1 Purging Burst 1 Avenging Touch 1 Armor of Faith Armor of Faith Assist Avenging Touch Attack Purging Burst Utility
2 Nimble Strike 1 Barge 1 Martyr Blessing 1 Impenetrable Nimbus 1 Boosted Heal Barge Attack Boosted Heal Hybrid Impenetrable Nimbus Assist Martyr Blessing Assist Nimble Strike Hybrid
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