Citadel Pre-Built (Premade Party)

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Weapon 1: Bejeweled Shortsword
HP 25
Class Warrior
Race Elf
Movement Dash
Weapon 2: Raxcotl's Hammer
Weapon 3: Itotia Blade
Helm: Sergeant's Cap
Shield: Aegis of the Defender
Heavy Armor: Vibrant Plate
Boots: Heavy Hide Boots
Race Skill: Cautious Mobility
Class Skill: Novice Impaling

2 Defender's Block 1 Weak Chop Defender's Block Block Weak Chop Attack
2 Vicious Thrust 3 Powerful Hack 1 Powerful Bludgeon Powerful Bludgeon Attack Powerful Hack Attack Vicious Thrust Hybrid
2 Elven Maneuvers 1 Scouting Run Elven Maneuvers Boost Scouting Run Attack
1 Healing Dash 1 Thick Hide Armor 1 Weakened Armor Healing Dash Movement Thick Hide Armor Hybrid Weakened Armor Armor
2 Feinting Strike 1 Puncturing Stab 1 Dancing Cut 2 Shifty Stab Dancing Cut Hybrid Feinting Strike Attack Puncturing Stab Attack Shifty Stab Hybrid
2 Impaler 1 Penetrating Cut Impaler Boost Penetrating Cut Attack
2 Feinting Strike 2 Strong Bludgeon 1 Able Bludgeon 1 Bloodied Block Able Bludgeon Attack Bloodied Block Block Feinting Strike Attack Strong Bludgeon Attack
1 Reliable Hide Armor 2 Shuffle, Team! Reliable Hide Armor Armor Shuffle, Team! Assist
2 Dynamic Armor 1 Shimmering Aura Dynamic Armor Hybrid Shimmering Aura Armor

Weapon 1: Stormstaff
HP 25
Class Wizard
Race Dwarf
Movement Walk
Weapon 2: Sulphuric Staff
Arcane Item 1: Armorbane Pendant
Arcane Item 2: Wand of Seared Air
Arcane Item 3: Sensate's Ring
Arcane Item 4: Burning Bangle
Robe: Scarlet Robes
Boots: Marshall's Boots
Race Skill: Beginner Toughness
Class Skill: Focused Electromancy

1 Memory Loss 1 Dissolve Armor 1 Combustible Combustible Handicap Dissolve Armor Attack Memory Loss Attack
1 Parry 1 Mail 1 Reliable Hide Armor Mail Armor Parry Block Reliable Hide Armor Armor
2 Hot Spot 1 Ember Spray Ember Spray Attack Hot Spot Attack
3 Spark Generator Spark Generator Boost
1 Team Shift 1 Dash 1 Lunging Thrust Dash Movement Lunging Thrust Hybrid Team Shift Movement
1 Arcane Aura 1 Gusts of War 1 Weakened Armor Arcane Aura Hybrid Gusts of War Attack Weakened Armor Armor
1 Gusts of War 1 Little Zap 1 Squeamish Gusts of War Attack Little Zap Attack Squeamish Handicap
2 Mighty Spark 2 Arcing Spark 2 Powerful Spark Arcing Spark Attack Mighty Spark Attack Powerful Spark Attack
1 Acid Spray 4 Dissolve Armor 1 Sorcerous Bolt Acid Spray Attack Dissolve Armor Attack Sorcerous Bolt Attack
1 Winds of War 1 Wall of Fire 1 Hot Spot Hot Spot Attack Wall of Fire Attack Winds of War Attack

Weapon 1: Nimbus Blade
HP 25
Class Priest
Race Human
Movement Run
Weapon 2: St. Forgue's Sword
Shield: Buckler of Protection
Divine Armor: Ritual Straps
Divine Item 1: Medallion of St. Vigus
Divine Item 2: Purging Charm
Divine Item 3: Tome of the Martyr
Boots: Zachary's Boots
Race Skill: Novice Guidance
Class Skill: Trained Cleansing

1 Defender's Block 1 Jarring Block 1 Lifesaving Block Defender's Block Block Jarring Block Block Lifesaving Block Block
2 Impenetrable Nimbus 1 Healing Blessing Healing Blessing Assist Impenetrable Nimbus Assist
1 Polearm Slash 1 Strong Bash 1 Fiery Stab 2 Impenetrable Nimbus 1 Unholy Frenzy Fiery Stab Attack Impenetrable Nimbus Assist Polearm Slash Hybrid Strong Bash Attack Unholy Frenzy Hybrid
1 Jump, Soldier! 1 Attack, Soldier! 1 Vulnerable Attack, Soldier! Assist Jump, Soldier! Utility Vulnerable Handicap
1 Purging Burst 1 Enervating Touch 1 Purge Enervating Touch Attack Purge Utility Purging Burst Utility
1 Purging Burst 1 Toughened Hide Strips 1 Lifesaving Block Lifesaving Block Block Purging Burst Utility Toughened Hide Strips Armor
1 Invigorating Touch 1 Reaching Swing 1 Lunging Strike 1 Consuming Spear 1 Demonic Power 1 Mind Worm Consuming Spear Attack Demonic Power Assist Invigorating Touch Attack Lunging Strike Hybrid Mind Worm Attack Reaching Swing Attack
2 Martyr Blessing 1 Inspiration Inspiration Assist Martyr Blessing Assist
1 Holy Presence 1 Invigorating Touch 1 Purge Holy Presence Boost Invigorating Touch Attack Purge Utility
2 Violent Spin 1 Weakened Armor Violent Spin Movement Weakened Armor Armor
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