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This page catalogues extreme builds of popular cards in the Card Hunter universe. A build is considered extreme when it packs a maximum number of one specific card all on one character. This guide is meant both as a tool and as a for fun factsheet for players who may be interested in how far an idea can be pushed. Most if not all builds featured involve specific hard to get items, hence the 'Extreme' moniker. The builds are sorted according to their card types and account for token slots at level 18. So a 3 x Vibrant Pain for 18 Nimble Strikes is not possible. Readers may leave feedback in the dedicated wiki forum thread or request for other cards to be featured here. Note that requests like 'Extreme build list for Weak Strike or Smoke Bomb' will not be entertained due to the sheer number of build possibilities. Readers are advised to browse the card pages instead.

Extreme builds by cards

Card type Card name Max cards No. of builds Build list ?
Armor Mimetic Armor 6 1 Yes
Armor Reliable Mail 8 2 Yes
Assist Force Field 4 3 Yes
Assist Heal 17 2 Yes
Assist Impenetrable Nimbus 10 6 Yes
Assist Inspiration 16 6 Yes
Assist Team Heal 11 22 No
Attack Consuming Spear 12 1 Yes
Attack Firestorm 18 15 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Attack Mind Worm 13 4 Yes
Attack Path of Knives 21 3 Yes
Attack Penetrating Stab 7 30 No
Attack Radiation Bomb 7 1 Yes
Attack Short Perplexing Ray 15 1 Yes
Attack Spear of Darkness 18 1 Yes
Attack Touch of Death 10 6 Yes
Attack Volcano 12 15 No
Attack Wall of Fire 12 6 Yes
Attack Winds of War 12 1 Yes
Block Laser Block 5 1 Yes
Block Parry 11 6 Yes
Utility Cleansing Burst 11 20 No
Utility Cleansing Presence 12 4 Yes
Utility Cleansing Ray 15 12 No
Utility Flash Flood 16 1 Yes
Utility Smoke Bomb 12 58 No
Utility Whirlwind 10 1 Yes
Utility Whirlwind Enemies 9 2 Yes
Hybrid All Out Attack 5 36 No
Hybrid Bash 17 1 Yes
Hybrid Blind Rage 12 4 Yes
Hybrid Nimble Strike 16 1 Yes
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