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Welcome to the Cardhuntria FAQ! Hopefully this should answer some of the simpler questions about the site (that aren't covered on Cardhuntria:About) — if this page does not help, you are welcome to ask on the forums!

[edit] Card Hunter

Where do I get the game?
Visit the site at Make sure to have the latest flashplayer installed.
Is there some kind of a help page?
Yes, the official help page is here. All other data and information regarding in-game items and cards can be found in the relevant categories (items,cards etc) in this wiki.

[edit] Contributing to Cardhuntria

How can I contribute to Cardhuntria?
The bulk of wiki updates come in the form of items and cards information update via botscripts and an extensive template set. As such, the wiki is largely automated. However, all users are encouraged to contribute to the constant improvement of Cardhuntria's content, especially where guides are concerned. All you need to do is create an account and be familiar with editing text per Mediawiki's User Manual. Please visit our policy pages for strict standards that have been developed by the administrators.
What if someone is inserting nonsense into Cardhuntria articles?
There is a strict no-nonsense vandalism policy. Vandals will be blocked indefinitely by admins and pages reverted. Wiki contributors can also help clean vandalism before an admin shows up.
So, what is vandalism?
In addition to the obvious spray painting, Cardhuntria has a Do-Not-Post list. And even though a wiki is fairly free in its content, there are a few policies on how we want our pages to look; start at Cardhuntria:Policy to learn more.
Is there any place I can discuss stuff about the Wiki?
We talk about the wiki in general on the forums, and about specific articles on their discussion pages (tab at the top of the page). To talk about the game itself, we recommend using the Official Card Hunter forums.

[edit] Copyright (or lack thereof)

Is all the text free? I.e., can we pinch it and stick it in Wikipedia?
Cardhuntria article text is free as in "free beer", according to its license, the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. In short, you can do pretty much anything with it, except make it "un-free" so long as you reference Cardhuntria (and Blue Manchu!) and license it under similar terms to the CC-BY-SA.
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