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  1. The "unused" filter in the shop allows you to see which items you can safely sell because they are not in use.
  2. The keep and shops have lots of filter and sort options to allow you to organize your collection.
  3. The "usable" filter in the keep or shops shows you which items your current character can use.
  4. Characters can't block if attacked from behind.
  5. Armor without the Keep keyword is discarded after use.
  6. Ranked multiplayer is a great way to win new items!
  7. The player who passes first at the end of a round gets to go first next round.
  8. Each character always draws one of their default racial move cards each round.
  9. You can turn on the spot by playing a move card and clicking on the square you are already on.
  10. In multiplayer, characters are always level 18, to even the playing field.
  11. Casual multiplayer games don't count towards your rating.
  12. You can replay completed adventures but you'll only get the adventure chest reward once per day.
  13. Cards in your hand with an eye icon above them are visible to your opponent.
  14. If you leave the loot screen before taking your loot, it will still go into your collection.
  15. Holding down the Ctrl key while you play a card allows you to attack friends or assist enemies.
  16. When both players pass, the round ends.
  17. A new terrain attachment will replace an existing one.
  18. If an attachment card is used on a character that already has three attachments, it will replace the oldest one.
  19. When a monster figure turns grey, it cannot act again until the next round.
  20. You can right-click on a square to check what kind of terrain it contains.
  21. The Armory restocks its items for sale every day.
  22. Cards in a character's hand are arranged from left to right, in order of newest to oldest.
  23. Enemy armor cards a problem? Try using attacks with Penetrating or use Surestrike Blessing.
  24. It can be wise to use your weaker attacks to draw out the enemy's block cards before using your stronger attacks.
  25. Blocking terrain can provide great cover from ranged attacks.
  26. Pay close attention to how many cards an enemy character has left. No cards means no defences!
  27. If a black drawback card is a Trait, it replaces itself. This can make up for the drawback!
  28. When faced with many foes, Burst cards and Chops are your friends!
  29. An enemy with no move cards usually can't escape a terrain attachment!
  30. The color of a card's title bar indicates its power: black, paper, bronze, silver, gold, green and purple.
  31. Cards can be common, uncommon or rare. Items can be common, uncommon, rare, epic or legendary!
  32. The color of a card indicates its type. Multi-colored cards do more than one thing at once.
  33. You can press the spacebar to zoom a card or an item.
  34. Right click on an item to see details of its card suite.
  35. Power Tokens come in various levels. You can always use a more powerful Token in place of a less powerful one.
  36. You can speed up or slow down the game via the animation slider in the options panel.
  37. Your progress is always saved. However, you'll lose your current battle if you leave the game for too long.
  38. Pizza can be converted to gold. Click the plus button next to your gold count.
  39. Use the Store/Retrieve button in your keep to manage multiple parties.
  40. If you mouse-over a character you can see which way they are facing and where they can be seen from.
  41. Block cards (green) cancel attacks entirely while armor cards (gray) just reduce damage.
  42. Cards with a die icon only take effect if you can roll equal or higher than the die value shown.
  43. You can compare two items by dragging one over the other.
  44. The player who passed at the end of the last round gets to go first the next round.
  45. Hold down the Ctrl key and right click a square to see lines of sight from it.
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