The Sinister Wood

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Sinister Wood.jpg
Number of Scenarios 3
Pizza Cost to Unlock 40
Guaranteed Reward for Completion
The Soulstone
  • No party deaths
  • All your levels are reduced to 2
  • Party has one health
  • Equip only items with a Drawback card
Unlocked By
Melvelous the Magnificent

[edit] Part 1 - Stand of Maples

The Sinister Wood Part1 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars
5 6
Enemies Quantity
Young Maple Trees 2
Maple Tree 1
Forest Spiders 2
Pre-Battle Description
The forest is dark, dank and oppressive. You huddle beneath some trees to prepare a meal and take rest. Alas, your standard rations have putrefied in the humidity. If only you had the foresight to carry iron rations or dwarf loaf. Your puny campfire attracts some unwelcome guests. To arms, and defend the camp!
Post-Battle Description
You search the area for items of interest. You find the bodies of two humanoids unfortunate enough to have been trapped in the Spiders’ webs. Their equipment is of no use to them now, but you may make use of it… To avenge their deaths, of course.

[edit] Part 2 - Beech Copse

The Sinister Wood Part2 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars
4 6
Enemies Quantity
Tall Beech Tree 1
Beech Trees 2
Pre-Battle Description
As the trees become aware of you, they respond by sending their toughest guards to deal with the threat. A terrible creaking and rustling can be heard, moments before these huge living tree monsters come crashing through the woods and attack you!
Post-Battle Description
The destruction of the Beech Trees creates a huge hole in the canopy. The moonlight makes it a little easier to find your way along an old path, almost faded away completely from disuse. If you do not find food soon, you will surely weaken and suffer the same fate as all the others that came before you.

[edit] Part 3 - Enchanted Thicket

The Sinister Wood Part3 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars
6 6
Enemies Quantity
Tall Beech Tree 1
Forest Spider 2
Sparklers 2
Pre-Battle Description
Finally you reach what must be the heart of the Sinister Woods. Here is a mazelike thicket of bushes and vines. As you hack your way towards the center, a massive Beech Tree stirs itself angrily. Around oyu heart the crackling of Sparklers, and rustling of giant arachnids. Prepare for combat against the forest, with the Soulstone itself as the prize!
Post-Battle Description
The Soulstone lives inside the fallen tree, as very much part of its host. When you remove the Soulstone, it has a dramatic effect on the trees nearby and they begin to wither and die. You have recovered a powerful artifact, but at what price to the forest? You do not dwell on this for long. The foul place has claimed enough lives to warrant anymore sympathy.

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