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As there are 811 cards currently in the database, cataloging each and every card is a tedious chore for wiki admins. This page is a collection of basic card mechanics pertaining to individual cards. It is meant for anyone familiar with card mechanics to update and expand on. Readers are encouraged to pool and contribute knowledge for the betterment of the game.

Card Mechanics
Lifesaving Block Any damage modifications that are applied before the block triggers are taken into account. So, for example, if Righteous Frenzy boosts your attack damage, that will be considered by the block. Blocks only care about the base damage of the card plus whatever boosts have been applied to it so far.
Zombie Mob, Anvil Strike, Touch of Death, Devastating Blow etc bypass Lifesaving Block. Touch of Death doesn't calculate it's damage until the time it is applied. So, when the block is triggered, Touch of Death's damage is calculated as zero.
Expecting Lifesaving Block to trigger while holding Raging Strike won't work. Ditto for Unholy Curse, Vulnerable etc as well.
As a general rule, blocks do not trigger upon allied damage. Lifesaving Block doesn't trigger if the fatal damage comes from an ally. So firestorming with your ally holding Lifesaving Block won't trigger it.

This card was initially named as Guardian Angel. Try searching the forums to browse the multiple cases of it not triggering.
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