Secret of the Gnome Lords

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Secret Gnome Lords.jpg
Number of Scenarios 2
  • No party deaths
  • All your levels are reduced to 7
  • Use only Elf Wizards
  • Party has one health
  • Equip only items with a Drawback card
Unlocked By
Riddle of the Gnome Lords
Attack of the War Monkeys, Cliffs of the Wyverns, Into the Black Forest
Dungeon of the Swamp King

[edit] Part 1 - A Mysterious Rift

Secret of the Gnome Lords Part1 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars Victory Squares
6 8 2
Enemies Quantity
Gnome Spearmen 3
Gnome Berserkers 3
Pre-Battle Description
Cold moist air greets you as you return to the Gnome hall and travel back down to its lowest depths. A once great chamber lies shattered by some kind of primitive excavation, the stink of which is even stronger than before. The now-familiar bone-chilling howl of incensed Gnome warriors splits the gloom. You must seize the breach before reinforcements arrive!
Post-Battle Description
As you collect valuables, the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. You are clearly approaching the source of the corruption and pray to your gods for protection against evil.

[edit] Part 2 - The Secret Chamber

Secret of the Gnome Lords Part2 Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars Victory Squares
5 9 2
Enemies Quantity
Gnome Spearmen 3
Fungus Warrior 1
Wild Gnomes 1
Pre-Battle Description
The musty stench is at its strongest in this deep cavern. The source of the foul miasma can be seen in the distance, gibbering to its Gnomish thralls – A vile Fungus Warrior, tumescent with mind-controlling spores! He signals to his psychotic minions and a great rumbling is heard. You must dispatch this abomination quickly before the cave collapses and traps you forever!
Post-Battle Description
With the Mushroom Man infiltrator exposed and put to the sword, the vile fungal infection has been expunged and the Gnomes are now safe! The Gnome Lords are deeply grateful and reward you with an ancient chest filled with riches.

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