The Defense of Woodhome

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Number of Scenarios 3
Pizza Cost to Unlock 40
Guaranteed Reward for Completion
Woodhome's Wound
  • No party deaths
  • Use only Humans
  • Party has one health
  • Equip only items with a Drawback card
Unlocked By
Dungeon of the Lizard Priest, Rescue From Shieldhaven Prison, Ruby Demon Portal, Slub Gut's Sanctum

[edit] Part 1 - Woodhome Gates

The Defence of Woodhome Part1-Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars
6 6
Enemies Quantity
Zombies 3
More Zombies 3
Pre-Battle Description
Woodhome lies besieged by a horde of undead. You must mount your first line of defense at the southern gates into the town. These gates offer little protection against the inexorable wave of Zombies, and despite your best efforts, they are soon breached. As you move against these attackers, disaster strikes. The north gate has been overrun and the hordes are now flooding through. You are surrounded!
Post-Battle Description
You kill the first wave of Zombies and this allows you the time to retreat into the town to a more defensible position. The townspeople have left you supplies that may assist your defense effort.

[edit] Part 2 - Woodhome Chapel

The Defence of Woodhome Part2-Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars
4 6
Enemies Quantity
Skeleton Warriors 3
Burning Skeletons 1
Pre-Battle Description
The church is the only stone building in the town and therefore the most defensible position. The townsfolk have fortified it, reinforcing the windows and the doors with makeshift obstacles. You must face the brunt of the assault here. This is led by a group of Skeleton Warriors, both burning and of the regular variety.
Post-Battle Description
After fending off the skeletons it becomes clear you cannot hope to defeat the undead. You must try to escape by fighting your way back to a breach in the northwest wall.
  • Both groups of skeletons bear an armor card that will render them immune to piercing and cutting attacks. It is recomended you bring other ways to hurt them and/or armor destruction.

[edit] Part 3 - Delaying Action

The Defence of Woodhome Part3-Map.jpg
Victory Stars Loss Stars Victory Squares
4 6 2
Enemies Quantity
Armored Skeletons 3
Pre-Battle Description
A hole in the northwest wall offers an escape route. However, you must first defend this area for four turns to allow some of the townsfolk to escape.
Post-Battle Description
You successfully lead a small group of townsfolk out of the burning ruins towards safety. For your brave feats this day, the mayor gladly presents to you the town's pride and joy: The epic blade, Woodhome's Wound. You are assured that these townsfolk are a tough and resourceful people, and are already planning on how to rebuild.
  • You don't have to kill the skeletons. You merely need to occupy the victory squares to win.
  • Slowing or delaying the skeletons will be of great help when trying to occupy the victory squares.

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