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This guide presents the user interface of the Custom Scenario Editor. Custom scenarios are a feature of the Card Hunter game universe. Players are given free rein to design custom game boards with the board editor and setup scenarios to enjoy stress free tabletop-like games with friends or other players. You can play with your own multiplayer party or take on the role of monsters. Make escort missions or King of the Hill battle scenarios. Decimate countless mob waves or survive single character challenges. As of writing, custom scenarios support only single player vs AI and single player vs single player custom games. Readers are advised to browse A Tutorial to making custom scenarios as a prelude.


Custom Scenario Editor Screenshot

Custom Scenario Editor User Interface

What the Buttons Do

Button Function
New clears all fields and allows user to start making a new custom scenario.
Load loads a scenario (.scn) file from your harddrive.
Save As saves this scenario (.scn) to your harddrive.
Name scenario name, also appears as text shown above victory stars in-game.
Board filename of board (.brd) being used.
Create opens the board editor; this exits the scenario editor and YOU WILL LOSE ANY UNSAVED CHANGES.
Import load a board (.brd) file from your harddrive.
Export saves the current board (.brd) to your harddrive, generally only needed if you're messing with someone else's scenario.
Audio sets the music and ambient sounds.
Time sets the time limit of the scenario in minutes, maximum at 1440.
Is AI whether the side is controlled by player or AI; the box for "You" is disabled.
VP Target number of stars needed to win; leave as "Automatic" for default victory conditions. Any value here overrides the VPs required. Normally used for victory square conditions. Note: some mobs don't have default VP points. For such cases, manually set the VP Target values.
MP Party check to use your current MP party (this disables the group fields for this player). Uncheck and select a monster in the Group fields to play as a monster(s).
Group # Matches the Group # spawn settings of the board. Dropdown list uses the names found in the logs, which may be different than what the player sees. Text box beside modifies the number of mobs to spawn in the corresponding group.
Cancel return to MP lobby; discarding any unsaved changes.
Help opens a help webpage ( in a browser tab.
Create Game starts the game you created; if Opponent isn't AI, you can invite a player in the lobby or just wait until someone joins your game.


The custom scenario editor is very much a work in progress. It is not intelligent and not aware of the board settings. You can have 1 spawn point in the board and set 2 monsters in the scenario. The game will load only 1 monster and set the VPs required to win as though there were 2 monsters, making it impossible to win. Beware !


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