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Name: Hex of Dissolution Hex of Dissolution.jpeg
Quality: Good (4/7)
Rarity: Rare
Expansion: CM icon.png Castle Mitternacht
Color Class: Attack
Attack Type: Magic
Damage Type: Acid
Damage: 3
Range: 6
Play effect 1: Target discards their oldest Armor card (before that Armor can prevent damage). When this card does damage, increase its damage by 1 for every 3 squares of Acid Terrain on the board.

Items with Hex of Dissolution

Item Name Type Lvl Power Token Rarity Item Image Qty. Card Qty. Card Qty. Card Qty. Card Qty. Card Qty. Card
Advanced Ethereality Arcane Skill 19 TalentBronzeFlat.png


Legendary Ethereality3.png 2 Ethereal Form 1 Hex of Dissolution
Ancient Linestaff Staff 17 TalentBronzeFlat.pngTalentNormalFlat.png


Rare Ancient Linestaff.png 1 Hex of Dissolution 1 Potent Spark 2 Acid Jet 2 Arcane Beam
Belching Specterstaff Staff 8 TalentNormalFlat.png


Rare Belching Specterstaff.png 1 Hex of Dissolution 1 Acid Jet 1 Acid Blast 1 Spark 1 Able Bludgeon 1 Creature of the Night
Caustic Pain Staff 18 TalentBronzeFlat.pngTalentBronzeFlat.png


Legendary Caustic Pain.png 3 Hex of Dissolution 2 Deadly Spark 1 Acid Blast
Corrosive Ethereality Arcane Skill 16 TalentNormalFlat.png


Epic Corrosion2.png 1 Ethereal Form 1 Acid Leak 1 Hex of Dissolution
Staff of Dissolution Staff 19 TalentBronzeFlat.pngTalentBronzeFlat.png


Rare Staff of Dissolution.png 2 Hex of Dissolution 2 Acid Jet 2 Boiling Armor
Young Specterstaff Staff 5


Rare Young Specterstaff.png 1 Hex of Dissolution 1 Melt Armor 1 Flimsy Block 1 Simple Bash 1 Unstable Bolt 1 Creature of the Night

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