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  • In-Game Text: "Whenever you move, subtract <x> move points from that move."

[edit] Game Effect

  • Reduces the movement value of cards played by a character by the given amount.

Encumber works as a reaction that activates when a character holding an encumber card or who has an encumber attached plays a Movement card. The effect is to reduce the total length of the move by the given number, to a minimum move of zero. More than one Encumber can activate on a single move, resulting in multiple deductions.

As of version Beta 1.21, the technical process of how Encumber works in the game engine may cause it to act in a way not obviously intuitive to the player. Currently the reaction only triggers when a character actually plays a movement card: when a second character plays a card allowing others to move, the encumbered character can use its full value. In addition, cards with the Step keyword process movement before checking for Encumber and thus are not hindered by it. These are known to Blue Manchu and are under review.

[edit] General Strategy

  • Use Encumber to slow enemies or even hold them in place. Works best against characters who have shorter moves to start with.
  • If you use equipment that puts self-encumbering cards into your own deck, you want a plan to reduce the negative impact. Keep in mind that you may discard down to two cards at the end of a round. The next section has a few more ideas.

[edit] Against opponents who use Encumber:

  • Equip Movement cards with high values so that you can overcome the reduction. With very strong cards, you may have plenty of movement for practical purposes.
  • As noted above, group movement and Step cards can bypass encumbrance entirely.
  • Because encumbrance created by the enemy is an Attachment, any cards that allow you to dispose of attachments can deal with Encumber created by your opponents. Or you can wait for the attachment to expire.
  • Try to lure the enemy into coming toward you, reducing the amount of movement you need to make.
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