MP AI Wizard 3

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MP AI Wizard 3
In-game Name Melzag
HP 25 DwarfWizardF02C.png
Size 1x1
Deck Size 36
Draw 2
VP worth 2
Default Move Walk
Armor 2 x Resistant Hide
Attack 2 x Fireball
6 x Flame Spit
2 x Gusts of War
2 x Simple Bash
2 x Sorcerous Bolt
2 x Winds of War
Block 2 x Flimsy Block
Boost 2 x Firestarter
Handicap 1 x Defensiveness
1 x Dropped Guard
Movement 2 x Flanking Move
2 x Spin Around
Utility 2 x Whirlwind
2 x Whirlwind Enemies
Hybrid 2 x Reflexive Teleport
2 x Teleport Self
Found in
Custom Scenario
Editor ?
MP AI Wizard 3
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